About Pelle Strap

The Straps

Pelle Strap source and use only the very best British Bridle leather.

Bridle hides are traditionally used to reign horses and need to be extremely strong and durable. We cut our straps and pads thinner than horse reigns to enable you to wear them comfortably across your shoulder or wrapped around your wrist. However, you can rest assured that your camera is attached to one of the strongest straps in the world.

Bridle leather is hard and shiny when new but it starts to soften up and lose its sheen quite quickly and before long your strap will look retro, used and personal.

The Thong & Split Rings

The Thong

The unique thong fastener on every Pelle Strap is there for a reason. It negates the need for metal studs and hard stitching which means no scratches on your precious camera. It also looks damn cool! But just to be sure, we’ve glued the ends of the straps together too for added strength.

The Split Rings

Our split rings are made from Nickel and have been repeatedly tested to destruction. They can take the weight of almost all handheld cameras from Leicas to Hasselblads. So, regardless of whether you are shooting a big SLR or a small mirrorless camera, Pelle Strap will hold it safe and secure.


No two hides are the same and no two hides tan the same, therefore, no two Pelle Straps are the same. Each has its own unique characteristics.

Due to the differences in hides, there may be very slight differences in colour amongst our straps.

We do not use artificial products to stain our leathers. Each and every hide we treat is hand stained with 100% natural vegetable stain. This means there is a slight chance of some colour transfer, so we advise our customers to wipe their new Pelle Strap product with a clean, damp cloth to ensure no stain transfers to their clothes. However, as it is simple vegetable stain, if you do experience some colour transfer, it will wash out.


We are so sure of the strength and quality of our straps that, should your strap fail within 12 months of purchase, we will refund the full value of the strap or replace it.

Also, if your camera or lens is damaged due to the failure of our product, we will pay the first 250 Euros towards the cost of repair. This payment is entirely at our discretion.